Monsta Scream! 2 piece Pre-Order

Monsta Scream! 2 piece Pre-Order

Contender Athletics


2020 USA/ASA Monsta Athletics Scream!

  • Juiced Tech option– 2 piece with a .5 oz end-load and 3rd generation FIB technology. Not good for non LC balls. Available in 25.5 oz. HOT from the wrapper. M2 cold weather composite Non-linear design.


  • Torch Tech Mid Load 25oz
  • This is an USA/ASA only bat that can only be used with low compression balls like 52/300s and 52/275s
  • Handle options 3500 both Designs 

This is a non refundable pre-order from Monsta Athletics. Expected ship date is late December 2020 Early Jan 2021. This date is not guaranteed we will announce updates. 

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