Glove Warranty

Warranty- We will cover these gloves for 30 days. Please contact customer services by email.  Include in the subject line “89 series batting gloves”, email to  In the email, please include your order #, 3 photos of the glove in question, and state the issue.   Please allow us 3-4 business days to respond.


Covered Under Warranty

  • Rips in the leather of the gloves
  • Stitching issues/malfunctions
  • Any malfunction not related to misuse.

Not Covered Under Warranty

  • Wearing gloves while base running
  • Over tightening the strap/Velcro
  • Prolonged exposure to water/rain
  • Exposure to extreme heat (dryer/blow dryer)


Glove Care Instructions

  • After use allow to air dry before placing them back in the bag.
  • We recommend applying your favorite leather conditioner once a month.
  • Take care of your gloves and they will take care of you!


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